Hi I'm Joanne, welcome to CBaBy

In response to the constraints of the NHS, I offer a personalised service of private preparation sessions for pregnancy, labour, birth and those early days with your new baby. All in the comfort of your home if you live locally, or you can come to me, at times that suit you and with the flexibility to discuss issues that are relevant to you. 


It would be impossible to be completely prepared for every possible route your labour may take, and because babies can be unpredictable, knowledge of possible interventions and pain relief can be helpful. Therefore with the relevant knowledge you can participate in decision-making, stay calm, remain in control and increase your chances of a satisfying and empowering birth experience.


Birth and those early days with your baby are an amazing, special and unique time in your life but they can also present new challenges. Fear comes from the 'unknown', and my aim is to take that fear away by equipping you with up-to-date, evidence-based knowledge and skills. This means that no matter what route your pregnancy and birth take, you will not only feel in control, but you will have confidence for your birth and beyond!

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