The Confident Birthing Programme

After working as a midwife within the NHS, exploring and investigating many of the antenatal education courses that are on offer, and drawing from my considerable experience of working with mums and dads-to-be helping them prepare for labour, birth and their new arrival, I developed The Confident Birthing Programme.


This is a full antenatal education programme that will provide you with up-to-date knowledge that will enable you to consider all options available to you to make informed decisions throughout your pregnancy, at antenatal appointments, during labour and when you are giving birth. You will also develop the skills you will need to approach labour, birth and life with your new baby with excitement and confidence.

Held in the comfort of your own home if you live locally in Bangor or you can come to me, the 4 sessions can be arranged under a flexible schedule. Each session lasts 21/2 - 3hrs, information is tailored to your needs and comprehensive supporting literature of all information covered is provided. Fees cover 24/7 ongoing email/telephone support.


If you'd like to combine antenatal sessions with a holiday to Bangor or Belfast, I can visit you in your accomodation or another convenient location.

Please note, The Confident Birthing Programme is no ordinary parentcraft class.

It truly is the most comprehensive programme of antenatal education available in Northern Ireland and is a must-do course for all parents-to-be.

Fees for the full course - 4 one-to-one sessions - £245


If there are 2 or more other couples you would like to share the course with, the fee is reduced to £210 per couple





Topics that are covered in each of the 4 sessions are shown below:-


  • Antenatal appointments and screening,

  • Strengthening your pelvic floor (Important role in birth & postnatally),

  • Creating your Birth Plan,

  • What is Vitamin K and why is it offered for your baby,

  • What you will need to take with you,

  • Optimal Foetal Positioning (helping baby get into & stay in the best position for labour and


  • Perineal Massage (to help reduce tearing at birth),

  • Connecting with your baby (bonding during pregnancy and afterwards),

  • The special role that Dad's have.


  • The birth environment and choices,

  • Active Birth - Positions to help baby move through the pelvis during labour and birth,

  • Water Birth,

  • How your nervous system can work for or against you in labour (fight/flight response Vs

              Relaxation response),

  • How your mind and way of thinking can influence your labour and birth,

  • Breathing Techniques that will help you relax and work with your body,

  • Relaxation Techniques,

  • Massage - Strokes that your partner can use to help you relax throughout your pregnancy

             and during labour,


  • How you know if you're in labour,

  • What labour is & how the body progresses to birth,

  • Moving through labour and pain relief options,

  • The role of your birth partner,

  • How to identify progress and what to do if things slow down,

  • Baby's birth,

  • Birthing your Placenta (3rd stage),

  • Induction of labour - the process, how to help your body & baby,

  • Assisted birth - vacumn, forceps,

  • Caesarean Section,

  • Navigating through various scenarios.


  • The 'checks' your baby will have - Guthrie test, Hearing screening,

  • Jaundice and how to deal with it,

  • Mum's 'checks' and recovery,

  • Baby Blues and Postnatal Depression,

  • Hospital stay and routine,

  • Role of community Midwife, Health visitor, registering your baby's name etc,

  • Coping strategies for those first few weeks with your baby,

  • Keeping your baby safe, reducing the risk of cot death,

  • Communicating with your baby & settling - crying, cues, colic,

  • Basic first aid,

  • Practical skills - bathing, Top & Tailing, feeding, winding, dressing, nappy changing,

             umbilical cord care etc,

Any of the 4 sessions can be taken separately:


 - 1 session  £65 per 21/2 - 3hr session

                     - 2 or more sessions  £60 per 21/2 - 3hr session



Individual sessions can be made up of your choice of any of the available topics.

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