The Confident Birthing Programme - £245 (around 12hrs of teaching) Or £65 per 2 1/2 - 3hr session (From 30 weeks of pregnancy onwards)

Session 1  covers pregnancy, helping baby get into the best position for a more straightforward birth, perineal massage to help prevent tearing during the birth, coping with the discomforts of pregnancy.....

Session 2  covers everything you need to know concerning your labour and birth.

Session 3  Active birth, positions to help you and your baby during labour, breathing techniques .....

Session 4  covers all you need for after baby is born. What happens in the hospital, Vitamin K, your baby's checks, your recovery, caring for your new baby and keeping him/her well....

For full details of all topics covered in each session click on the 'Confident Birthing' tab above.

Planned Caesarean Section - £65 for 21/2 - 3hr session

 (From 30 weeks pregnant onwards)

If you are having a planned C-Section this session will help prepare you for what is involved. You will cover what your options are, what to expect before, during and afterwards and how to improve your recovery. You can add any combination of topics from The Confident Birthing Programme (for details of topics click on the 'Confident Birthing tab on the left) into the session and this way you are tailoring the session to what you need.

Refresher Course - £65 for 21/2 - 3hrsession

 (From 30 weeks pregnant onwards)

Perfect if this is not your first baby but you would like to refresh your memory or if you want things to be different this time.

Breastfeeding - £45 for 11/2 - 2hr session

(From 33 weeks of pregnancy onwards)

How breastfeeding works, position, attachment and common problems. Gain the knowledge and skills to increase your chances of successful breastfeeding.